Are you ready to have some fun! Join us for the Latest & Greatest Card Swap @Home with Dave Gordon (aka Expo Dave). Enjoy swapping and sharing all of your card making ideas from across the county and your own backyard. Check out the details below and Sign Up Today!

How It Works

Step 1 – Make 31 Cards to be exact. (1 card will be used for photography).

Step 2 – Mail them to us (you pay shipping).

Step 3 – We will collate and send you 30 different cards (we pay shipping).

Step 4 – You vote for the most appreciated card online.

Step 5 – After everyone has voted, we will have a live reveal party online.

Step 6 – Once the party is over, we will send one lucky winner a blue ribbon and a nice gift.

Step 7 – Watch for a blog post featuring all the participating cards from your session.


More Details

  • Sign up for the Card Swap Sponsored Gift you prefer.
  • When we have 30 sign-ups, we will close that Swap and create a new one for the next 30 card makers.
  • You will receive an email with the following details:
    • When to send your cards in
    • How to return address the package
    • When you should receive the swapped cards back
    • When and how to vote for the most appreciated card
    • When and how to login for the reveal party and most appreciated card winners announcement.
  • All Cards need to be the same.
  • You decide a theme for your cards, if you need some suggestions, just ask.


Click and join us today for a Card Swap.