@home Crafters Challenge - March 13, 2021

Are you ready for a Crafters CHALLENGE! We have some amazing challenges planned for you and your friends to participate all day long. Check out the details below and play along!

  • Different challenges every two hours.
  • You can participate in as many as you want!
  • Upload your project and Win!
  • Winners announced the following Monday after the Play & Shop Event.

Challenge Projects

Lucky You

We all have a bit of luck in us…some more than others. Maybe you were lucky and have won a prize of some kind in the past. Maybe you are so very lucky to have a great person in your life. Maybe it’s a friend, parent or spouse. Maybe you are full of luck and pride to have great kids. We would love to see a 12×12 or 6×6 scrapbook page or mini album page that shows how lucky you are. Make sure it has some green on it and you can win.

  • Take a photo of your GREEN Filled page or mini album page

One photo submission per guest.

Spring Has Sprung

With spring comes all the beauty of those beauty spring flowers and beautiful home decorations that feature all things floral. I can just imagine a beautiful arrangement of flowers in the middle of your dining room table or maybe it sits on a table in your home’s entryway. Maybe you have a beautiful wreath filled with the beauty of these spring flowers. Maybe you are knitting a special spring blanket for that special someone. Snap a picture of this piece of spring beauty and share the joy that the magic of spring brings.

  • Take a picture of your beauty of spring items and upload it to the link provided.

One photo submission per guest.

Dressed In Green

We all remember those great spring dances we used to attend in school. All dressed up in our best, ready for a great night on the town, a special birthday celebration, a wedding or a great night of dancing. Now here is the catch…we want to see you in a shade of green all dressed and ready to go. Maybe you were going to a special dinner, birthday party or even an anniversary party. As long as you are dressed in green, we want to see it. And yes, sports fans your green jerseys will be accepted as we know those special game days are just as important as any other special event.

  • Take a picture of you in your garments of green.

One photo submission per guest.